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Dalian Nuoke Packing Products Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2006, is a professional production of plastic flexible packaging products manufacturing enterprises. Knox Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in China's coastal city of Dalian Bonded Zone, the geographical position is superior, convenient traffic. Plant covers an area of 8,145 square meters, construction area of 8,862 square meters. With the most advanced high-speed gravure printing presses, photoelectric control high-speed automatic slitting machine, the Japanese imports of high-speed blown bags and other packaging advanced equipment, strong technical force, prepress, India processing process perfect. Is a plastic printing and packaging business as one, color printing, packaging processing, new product development, such as the integration of the comprehensive, the pursuit of high efficiency of the modern enterprise. The company's products have entered the printing industry developed in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe and the United States and other overseas markets, in 2008 with Japan's new product development, provided to the major convenience stores at home and abroad. "Knox" has become a well-known brand of domestic and foreign fine print, laid a "Nock packaging, specialized packaging brand" strategic development basis. Nuoke Packaging Products Co., Ltd. adhere to the "Let the packaging for you to create value" of the enterprise purpose; adhere to the "fine quality, superb technology, fine service, sincere cooperation" service standards; firmly establish the "integrity, Business philosophy, both inside and outside the province and even new and old customers at home and abroad to provide rest assured that the products and satisfactory service. The main products are: sandwich bags, rice balls bags, sushi membrane membrane, bread bags, bacteria package materials, and other special-shaped packaging, products are sold throughout the country, exported to Hong Kong, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and other countries and regions , In domestic and foreign customers have a good reputation.

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